Benefits of Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

Looking to protect your new or used car? Ceramic Pro in Sydney is the answer to protecting your cars paint from damaging environmental fallout. Your car will not only stay cleaner for longer, but the ceramic coating will make it much easier to clean, dust and rain can make your car extremely dirty in no time, by protecting your paint work with a ceramic coating the water will bead up on the surface and roll away, taking most of the dust and dirt with it!

Outstanding Durability

Using highly advanced nanotechnology the ceramic coating forms a permanent adhesion to your cars factory paint work, protecting it indefinitely. This is possible by the unique 3D Matrix structure of the coating and its ability to permeate with the factory clear coat.

Superior Car Protection

Unlike some paint protection products on the market that wash away or wear over time, Ceramic Pro has incredible hardness so it will not wash off, wear away or deteriorate over time. Keeping your car protected for years to come

The Ceramic Pro Difference

What makes Ceramic Pro different? Its cutting edge nanotechnology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The unique ceramic formula is world patented and it has taken a decade of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today.

More than just Car Paint Protection – Ceramic Pro offer a range of products from protecting the inside fabric and leather to protecting the outside surfaces such as the paint, glass and alloys. Giving your car the ultimate protection from day to day use!

Proven Benefits

Chemical Resistant – Ceramic Pro Paint Protection has 100% chemical resistance against damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals.
UV Protection – Incorporating UV Inhibitors the coating will protect your cars paint from fading and aging over time.
Hydrophobicity – The surface of the ceramic coating releases water, dirt and grime due to its high water contact angle.
Adhesion – Ceramic Pro is permanent, it forms a permanent adhesion to the substrate and can only be removed by abrasion.
Non-Toxic – The range of coatings do not contain any toxic chemicals and have been tested by REACH and are VOC Compliant.

Of course this is all backed up by SGS – The Worlds leading testing, certification and verification company – reports from these test can be found at –

Our fully equipped workshop located at Five Dock in New South Wales is ready to protect your car with the best possible car paint protection on the market, contact us today!

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