Ceramic Coating Articles

How to Maintain a Ceramic Coating

You have just made the investment of protecting your new or used car and want to maximise the performance of your ceramic coating and ensure the longevity of the coating so it can continue to perform for years to come. It is important to maintain a ceramic coating, the good news is, it is simple. […]

Best Ceramic Coating Options

You likely landed on this page because you’re looking at the best option at protecting your new car or pride and joy, if you are considering protecting your car the best option at the moment are ceramic coatings, which are the latest technology on the market for protection your car and making it easier to […]

How much is Ceramic Paint Protection?

Paint Protection costs can vary depending on the type of ceramic coating, there are many brands and installers in the market in 2020. Choosing which brand and installer can be a tiring process. Getting your car protected professionally is a great way to save yourself time and get your car protected right the first time, […]

Dealership Car Paint Protection Alternative

Purchasing a new car is an exciting time, and probably one of the biggest investments you will make. Protecting your investment with a quality paint protection and ceramic coating product is an important decision to make which leads you to wonder what the best paint protection and ceramic coating products are on the market. Whilst […]

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers the next level of protection over a Ceramic Coating, however both have their benefits but the cost can vary greatly between the two so you will need to choose the one that suits your needs and budget the best. Paint Protection Film offers protection against physical abrasion such as scratches, […]

Which Ceramic Paint Protection is best?

Puchasing a brand new car is exciting, and probably one of the biggest investments you will make. So it is important to choose the right ceramic paint protection product to protect your car throughout its life! We all hate seeing our cars look dirty, there is a sense of pride driving a clean shiny car […]

Ceramic Coating Technology

So you have been hearing a lot about ceramic coatings lately and are probably confused by all the different brands on the market and the car dealerships offerings. Simply put, a ceramic coating is the best form of paint protection for your car to protect it from damaging environmental fallout and help it stay cleaner […]

Premium Paint Protection in Sydney

For almost a decade Ceramic Pro have led the way in ceramic coating and car paint protection research and development, available in over 70 countries the range of coatings are used on everything from daily driven cars, super yachts, industrial and commercial purposes and aviation. With locations all over the world, Ceramic Pro is available […]

Benefits of Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

Looking to protect your new or used car? Ceramic Pro in Sydney is the answer to protecting your cars paint from damaging environmental fallout. Your car will not only stay cleaner for longer, but the ceramic coating will make it much easier to clean, dust and rain can make your car extremely dirty in no […]


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