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Mazda Paint Protection

Purchasing a brand new Mazda is exciting, it may be your first new car or maybe you’re a Mazda fan and you’ve owned many before. Either way you are no doubt keeping the car for many years to come and want to enjoy years of motoring fun.

But owning a car in Sydney comes at a cost, heavy pollutants and road grime from excessive traffic means your car will get dirty easy and become harder to clean over time. You also have the concern of environmental fallout that can be damaging to the paint work such as Bird Droppings, Insect Splatter, Tar, Tree Sap and more, all of which can degrade the paint work on your car and losing that new car shine!

Protecting your new Mazda is essential to keeping it looking great, making it easier to clean and most importantly protected with harmful contaminants.

What is the best paint protection for my new Mazda?

There are a lot of ceramic coating and paint protection products on the market, ceramic coatings such as Ceramic Pro are the latest technology on the market and based on a unique nanoceramic formula.

Car Dealerships will most likely push their paint protection product to you very hard, it is best to do your due diligence and not get sucked in to there marketing on the spot, many paint protection products offered by dealerships are marketing companies that have rebranded a product and only sell it within the dealership, these products often have a low ceramic content and limited durability and come at a highly inflated price.

There are many ceramic coating products on the market that have their own research and development facility, like Ceramic Pro who have spent over a decade formulating industry leading coatings that span across the Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Industrial industries.

Here at Ceramic Pro we love your car as much as you do, our team have over a decade of Ceramic Coating experience and work reguraly on all types of Mazda’s from the popular Mazda 3, CX-3, CX-30, CX-5, CX-9, BT-50 and more.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Benefits

Ceramic Pro is a ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion with the surface of your vehicle and will not wash off or break down. It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your paint, the ceramic coating benefits include:

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect (Easy to Clean and Stays Cleaner)
  • UV Resistance & Weather Benefits (Won’t fade)
  • Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C)
  • Anti-Graffiti Resistance
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance (Won’t wash off)
  • Corrosion & Oxidation Resistant
  • Produces a High Gloss Finish (Looks great)

Most of all Ceramic Pro is a global brand, available in over 70 Countries with a proven track record in every climate on Mazdas. Making it a reliable choice when it comes to paint protection for your brand new Mazda in Sydney! Arguably the biggest difference between Ceramic Pro and other coatings on the market is the range of coatings. We dont use one coating for all surfaces. In fact, Ceramic Pro range includes dozens of formulations for specific materials and applications. For example, the range includes protection for Paint, Wheels, Glass, Leather, Fabric and more!

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