Paint Protection Benefits

Is Ceramic Paint Protection worth it?

After purchasing your new car, no doubt the car dealership is pushing their aftermarket accessories to you , one of those being a ceramic coating (paint protection) and you’re probably wondering if its worth it. Paint protection has been around for many decades and technology has evolved rapidly in the past 10 years. However often the products offered at car dealerships are relabeled and you wont find much information about them online – or good reviews for that matter.

There is no doubt that ceramic coatings are the best and latest technology at protecting your new car, from the exterior paint work, wheels, glass and interior surfaces such as the fabric and leather.

However not all brands are equal so it is best to choose a product that is well known and is more than just a glossy brochure.

What is Paint Protection?
Over the years paint protection technology has gone from waxes (carnauba), to paint sealants (polymers) to ceramic coatings. Without going too far into the different forms of paint protection a wax is great at providing a slick hydrophobic surface – however it will provide no chemical resistance or protection from damaging fallout, a paint sealant is essentially a synthetic version of a wax, it will provide a slick hydrophobic surface and little chemical resistance. Then there is ceramic coatings – these coatings provide the utmost protection from damaging environmental fallout and they can only be removed from the paint work by abrasion, making them highly durable and chemical resistant, they also still provide a slick hydrophobic surface making waxes and paint sealants now obsolete or for the weekend enthusiast.

What are the benefits of Paint Protection (Ceramic Coating)?
Some common misconceptions about ceramic coatings are that they are a magic force field and will protect the car from everything such as chips, scratches, dents etc. Everything has its limits and this is not the purpose of a ceramic coating. What it will provide is a slick hydrophobic (water repellant) surface which will help keep your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean – so there is no scrubbing needed to remove heavy road grime – this doesn’t mean you will never have to wash your vehicle however it makes it a lot easier to wash as it accumulates less road grime.

One of the other great benefits of a ceramic coatings and their main purpose is that they are chemical resistant and highly durable, they will resist damage from environmental fallout such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar and tree sap and will not be affected by heavier cleaning chemicals.

How much does Paint Protection cost?
So you might be wondering why the car dealership has quoted you in excess of $1500 and even upwards of $2500 – this in no way means their product is better or more superior, it is important to understand why they are charging so much compared to other providers for these products such as paint protection and window tinting. Car dealerships are in the business of selling cars, any aftermarket accessories they provide are often installed by contractors, meaning the dealership are putting their profit on top. They also know that it is often easier and more affordable for the buyer to finance the accessories with the car, hence why they can’t get away with exorbitant prices. If you are buying a car over the luxury car tax threshold this means you will also be paying luxury car tax on those accessories making them even more expensive!

A car detailer or a company the specialises solely in paint protection is in the business of providing you the best possible product and service, they will ensure the correct ceramic coating preparation is done for the best possible outcome to ensure your car not only looks better than new, but also ensuring the product has been applied correctly and provide after sales assistance.

The true cost of paint protection generally starts at $700.00 for a new vehicle, there is also the option of protecting other areas of your vehicle such as the wheels, glass and interior surfaces.

Which brand Paint Protection is best?
With online platforms such as YouTube and Google, you can easily research brands and feedback.

Popular brands such as Ceramic Pro have a world wide presence and are available in over 70 countries. Ceramic Pro also feature a world class research and development facility. Not only does Ceramic Pro provide products for automotive use but it covers Marine, Aviation and Industrial industries. When it comes to surface protection – Ceramic Pro are the trusted name.

So, is paint protection worth it? Most definitely – protecting your car from damaging fallout such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar and tree sap and making it easier to clean and maintain will ensure your new car will continue to look new for many years to come!


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